When it comes to medical facilities, one must admit that it is getting more and more expensive and people often try to provide the required support for their patients at their home only. It is here the importance as well as the significance of the nursing and attendant centres increase manifold. The services of these centres make them more and more acceptable to their clients and these services are the actual keys to success as well.

Pushpita Nurses Ayah Centre has a commitment to itself as it makes the centre render the best services to all its clients. Our services have brought us a rare recognition of the best Ayah Care Centre in Kolkata. There is no doubt that we have made a relentless hard work to earn the reputation of a leading Nursing Ayah Care Centre in Kolkata. Our services include the following:


  • 24*7 availability of trained attendants for the services of the Senior Citizens
  • Intense care provided by the ayahs or maids for the physical & mental betterment of the elderly
  • Arranging Recreational & Social activities
  • Highest quality of Senior Care
  • Advanced and technology equipped healthcare services
  • Legal and property managerial advices
  • Customized approach for focusing on life saving solutions


  • Management of Medicine
  • Availability of physical care experts
  • Arranging reputed doctors and trained physical attendants
  • Nursing care services at home
  • Quick home delivery of medical equipment and consumables
  • Medical diagnostics at home or escorting services for the elderly to diagnostics centers
  • Dementia Care expert Solutions
  • Physiotherapy & other physical exercises


  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Nebulisers
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Incentive Spirometer


  • Wheel chairs & walkers
  • Crutches
  • Portable Toilets
  • Hot & Cold Treatments aids
  • Therapist


As per the available scientific facts and figures, there can be many diseases that can be cured by physiotherapy and not by medication. Our team for physiotherapy in Kolkata has gained a great name and that is why our physiotherapists are in great demand. Most of physiotherapists are well educated and have the right experience in their own field. They know the right treatment and that is a key to success here.


We provide the health care services mainly through the trained nurses who have the right skills in treating the patients suffering from various diseases. We have nurses who have specialized in treating both elderly people and children. Apart from their skills, our nurses have the rare ability of mixing well with their patients and help them grow faster. They have the motive power and they can do wonders with that.


Though not as highly skilled as our trained nurses, our ayahs are extremely good for handling the patients of all age groups. These Ayahs are our real strength as these people have helped us to get the reputation of a leading Nursing Centre in Kolkata. Our ayahs are very much aware of their responsibilities and they do everything possible to fulfil the expectation of their clients. They do not give their patients or their guardians any chance of complaints against them. They have the required training and we also help them from time-to-time to know about the latest techniques and devices that are used in the services of their patients.