Physiotherapy in Kolkata

Physiotherapy is considered to be a healing process that is mainly focused on treating impairments of bones, cartilages and joints. It tends to promote body functionalities and mobility. Physiotherapy aims to improve the quality of a patient’s life through a series of diagnosis, evaluations and physical intervention. This healing therapy can cure issues related to knee pain, joint pain, back pain and other ligament issues.
At Pushpita Nurses Aya Centre, we provide the best physiotherapists in Kolkata who use several body movement workouts and contemporary equipment for treating the patients. We have professional physiotherapists who help to diagnose and treat several individuals having chronic or acute health issues or injuries.
Physiotherapy treatments at your home
We offer well specialized physiotherapists who help the patients to perform functional activities. Our physical therapists provide physical evaluation, necessary treatments and healthy advice to all the patients right at the comfort of their home. This is a convenient option as they will most have to come to a healthcare centre for availing physiotherapy treatments. We understand how much inconvenience is caused when a patient has to travel all the way to meet a physiotherapist. This is why we bring the physical treatment specialist straight to your home. This is done to bring about a faster and hassle-free healing procedure.
Why avail our services?
We have the best physiotherapists in Kolkata who work immensely hard to ensure that all our patients are treated properly in their homes. They evaluate, diagnose and create a treatment method as per the needs and necessities of the patients. The duration of a physiotherapy session mainly depends upon the criticality of the issue. We have expert individuals who help the patients with both basic and advanced level exercises so that the body mobility of the patients improves rapidly.

Importance of work-outs